Tecno.M. & T.A.L. Srl Turnery & Precision Mechanics - Service



We produce high-precision components, parts and prototypes of any ferrous, non-ferrous and superalloy material with diameters between 3mm and 300mm from drawing.

Our machine fleet allows us to perform a wide range of turning and milling operations starting from round, exagonal, square or raw, printed or already worked pieces. 


A fleet of machines divided into 3 main sectors
functional to each other:
01 CNC Lathes

Single-spindle and two-spindle CNC lathes from 3 to 7 axes for machining from bar up to 80 mm and from lengths up to 300mm: Mori Seiki, Okuma, Goodway, Biglia, Takisawa. All complete with bar feeder.
02 CNC Milling Centers
CNC Milling Centers Matsuura and Haas.

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03 Machines for secondary processing
We have numerous machines for secondary processing, transfer and traditional lathes. We also have automatic sawing machines for cutting from bars or lengths up to and including 300mm, with tolerances up to +-0.1mm.